Campus Farming 101

Securing Land 0

Securing Land

You can’t grow food without land. Securing space is the first step toward building your growing venture. You may want to file this under “Obvious, Stating The,” but in order to start your campus farm, you...

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Permission to Farm 0

Permission to Farm

Make sure the right people know you want to grow food, and ask for their support in lobbying your school for access to land. Depending on your college, you may need to jump through a few hoops before you can...

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Start-up Funding 0

Start-up Funding

Growing food takes money. You’ll need more or less depending on your goals, but you can’t enjoy heirloom tomatoes or host community events without a little start-up cash. Seeds, shovels, trees … maybe a...

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Dirty Dirt 0

Dirty Dirt

Soil contamination is a serious concern, and the only way to learn about your land is to learn its history and conduct some easy tests. Contaminated land can be a serious issue on vacant property. Make sure...

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Planning & Design 0

Planning & Design

As you prepare your soil for planting, take time to plan your physical growing space. Consider your placement of crop rows, physical structures, and social areas to enhance your growing experience. Some...

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Breaking Ground 0

Breaking Ground

It’s finally time to get your hands dirty! Plan ahead to make sure you’re clear on exactly whose hands are getting dirty — Student volunteers? Paid interns? Class labs or field trips? You’ve got the...

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