About Us

foundation white on blackCampus Farmers is a project of the Bon Appétit Management Company Foundation, the educational nonprofit arm of the sustainable food service pioneer Bon Appétit Management Company, which has partnered with many campus farms and gardens to supply its kitchens at universities, corporate campuses, and specialty venues.

In 2009, we published a Student Garden Guide to provide guidance to students starting gardens on campuses. Since then, we have continued to support this trend and encourage students, staff, and corporate employees to learn more about our food system in one of the best ways possible: by growing food themselves.  Creating the Campus Farmers network is a piece of our larger mission to change the face of American agriculture, by connecting growers that inspire us around the country to one another.  We are delighted to play that role in a network that we hope you’ll make your own.

If you have a question or suggestion about the Campus Farmers Network (including about broken links or suggested additions), please contact campusfarmers@gmail.com.



Advisory Board

In order to grow the network’s reach and usefulness to campus farmers, we selected a small group of college students and recent graduates, staff members (farm managers, faculty, etc.), and corporate associate with boots on the ground to join our volunteer advisory board. Advisors will participate in quarterly check-in calls, provide strategic feedback on the network’s current projects, and work on developing new content and resources. Upon completing the 1-year advisor position, participants will have gained experience in a leadership role, expanded their knowledge of campus farming best practices, and developed new connections with other leaders in the movement.

2014-2015 Advisory Board


  • Alena Hutchinson, Cornell University: Dilmun Hill Student Farm
  • Cody Copp, Washington University in St. Louis: The Burning Kumquat Student-Run Farm
  • Dylan Bruce, Occidental College: FEAST Garden
  • Todd Troester, Goucher College: Goucher Ag Co-Op

Staff and Professionals

  • Emily McGinty, Duke University:  Duke Campus Farm Fellow
  • Annie Bossange, UC Davis: Student Mentor/Field Educator at UC Davis Student Farm
  • Jess Marsh Wissemann, Hampshire College: Food, Farm, and Sustainability Coordinator
  • Jessica Schilke, Microsoft Dining: Urban Farming Specialist
  • Laura Sayre, PhD, Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society: Editor of Fields of Learning: the Student Farm Movement in North America